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Design und Herstellung von Laserschweißanlagen

Design und Herstellung von Laserschweißanlagen

Der Partner Ihres Vertrauens, der Sie bei Ihren Laserschweißprojekten unterstützt.

Lantec Laser ist eine Marke der Lantec2000, spezialisiert in der herstellung von Maschinen für das Laserschweißen.

Lantec Laser verfügt über eine mehr als zehnjährige Erfahrung in der Konstruktion und Fertigung schlüsselfertiger Spezialmaschinen, bei denen der Einsatz von Lasern Teil des Prozesses ist.  




Hier einige der von uns durchgeführten Laserschweißprojekte.

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New try out to test laser welding control system

Lantec is running a test to prove reliability of 4D Weld Watcher system. According to the manufacturer, partially ionized metal vapour is created during laser welding, cutting or soldering. This escapes from the weld pool and emits a broadband light, the so-called process light. The WeldWatcher measures this process light using a photo-electric sensor. By doing so, typical features, such as the beam flux density, spectral components, time or progress are analyzed and used for quality control.
Written on Mittwoch, 22. November 2017 | Published in Blog

New test is carried out in Lantec to consolidate process of laser welding.

In this case we are laser welding 0.3 thick Alu plates together. 

First tries are done preparing butt welding tool with good results at 1.2 m/min. However tensile test results are giving low values for the expected target. 

Secondly, overlap (0.3 + 0.3) welding shots are produce, lowering power and using 600 w pulsed power laser. Results as shown in the picture are more likely to be accepted by the customer. Additional challenge is to avoid heat damage on the outer side of the plate. By producing 0.4 mm welds (106 microns spot) and 0.5 mm penetration we see there is a steady process and good tensile resistance goal is achieve. Written on Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017 | Published in Blog