New application for laser is tested in our premises

Thursday, 19 November 2015 | Published in Blog

Our customer wants to check whether laser welding is able to produce a reliable joint in bearing cartridges manufacturing, producing a in this case, we are using a CO2 slab laser of 2.5 Kw with a Precitec welding head, welding at a speed of 1 m per minute, searching for maximum penetration without affecting the inner diameter of the shaft.

In order to prevent plasma to be generated we used argon gas. Argon has been proved as a suitable gas for powers under 3 Kw with high responsibility in the aspect of the welding as well as the depth of the shoot.

Angle to gain joint quality is define in 15°. Targets have been achieve, our customer can trust new laser technology to substitute other techniques.

Laser welding of bearing cartridges can be use to produce highly aesthetic seams.


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