Lantec Láser has more than ten years´ experience in design and manufacture of special machines that incorporate lasers as a part of its process.


Lantec has its own laser welding equipments to carry out tests and prototypes.

Testing tools

Thus, we give a response, on one side, to questions regarding the project: welding quality, cycle time, etcetera, and on the other side, we enable our customers the advanced manufacturing of first samples and prototypes that their customers frequently demand.

Design experience

The added advantage of counting on the engineering for tooling design together with our experience in the conception of the process makes us become your reliable partner to help you with your laser welding projects.

Laser welding equipments available for you

5-axis CNC table with ROFIN CO2 2500w laser + 2D scanner head

CNC table able to process 2.000 mm long parts. Attached to this table we have a CO2 laser from the SLAB series able to be assembled with conventional welding or cutting head as well as scan head system for remote welding/cutting on a working area of 230 mm * 230 mm and a working distance of 640 mm.

Pipe cutting table with ROFIN 300w CO2 Laser

Pipe cutting machine with 6 meter automatic pipe loader, able to cut steel tube up to 2 mm thick, together with exhaust system and four servo controlled axis.- Laser Slab technology and gas blowing assures proper and clean cuttings free of burs and dust.

Robotic installation with ROFIN 2000w FIBER laser + 3D scanner head

A Fanuc robot is moving a 3D scan head able to work a 300 mm x 300 mm area and a working distance of 300 mm. Behind this scan system there is a last generation Rofin fiber laser of 2 Kw, highly appropriated for your remote welding applications.

Do you need help to adress your laser welding projects?

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