Laser welding equipment

Lantec Laser is one of the companies in Europe with most experience in the manufacturing of laser welding machines.

These are some of the laser welding systems that we have completed.

Laser seam welding for clutch plates

Laser seam welding for clutch plates. Joint of two plates "sewed" together. The welding is made by shooting through the upper plate and penetrating the lower plate. A CO2 2.5 Kw equipment is convenient for this application.

Solid shaft laser welded to a sintered cam

With 5mm penetration the solid shaft is welded to a sintered cam. By using 2Kw and an appropriate speed a perfect joint is achieved. It is for a industrial work machine.

High precision cutting of stainless steel

High precision cutting of stainless steel sheet of 0.2 mm thickness. A scanner able to process 20 holes in 5 secs is used for the cutting.

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Continuous cut of stainless steel strapping

Different geometries are made in a small stainless steel strapping 0.2 mm thickness with a "cutting on the fly" system. The resulting scrap is filtered. 100 W Fiber laser is the appropriate.

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Laser welding of stainless steel

Laser welding of stainless steel filter to an aluminum casing.

Laser drilling in inner tube damper

Laser drilling in inner tube damper. 1 mm holes in a tube, thickness 1.2mm, are produced by using laser. The tube is finished given the minimum level of resulting burr. A small 300w CO2 laser gives us the appropriate cutting quality and speed. The machine has an automatic tube loader.

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Thermal solar panel laser

Thermal solar panel laser welded with YAG pulse laser and two welding heads. The copper tube and the aluminium sheet welding are made on both sides of the copper tube by welding 600 points per meter.

For this project, a Nd YAG laser has been used.

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Laser cutting for fridge inner lining manufacturing

CNC tables for lab applications

Our tables are ideal for precision laboratory applications, technology centers, universities, etc... and in different laser applications such as cutting, welding, cladding , etc.

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Circular Weld head for special application

Your special welding head can be specifically designed and manufactured to meet your needs, in this case a circular Weld

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