Lantec Láser has more than ten years´ experience in design and manufacture of special machines that incorporate lasers as a part of its process.


Lantec, manufacturer of laser welding machines, has its own laser welding equipment for the creation of samples and prototypes.

Testing tools

In this way, we can prove the quality of laser welding and the time taken and we also offer our clients advanced manufacturing of our samples and prototypes that are often requested.

Design experience

The added advantage of take engineering into account for the design of tools, on top of our experience in the conception of the process, makes us a partner you can trust to help you with your projects for the design and manufacturing of laser welding machines and laser welding systems.

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Tests of laser welding on bronze and stainless steel

At Lantec laser we are developing a series of tests of laser welding on bronze and stainless steel, trying to achieve balance, stability and above all quality in the solutions we offer.

This is an alternative to traditional welding using silver, which reduces costs and the thermal effect on the parts. It also improves the time involved in laser welding.

Monday, 14 May 2018 | Published in Blog

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