We are running a new project to automate a laser marking process for one of the most important hand tool maker in Europe.

lundi, 30 juillet 2018 13:00

Laser marking over covered cast steel

Lantec, laser system manufacturer, is running several test to check feasibility of a laser marking system on hand tool, black painted in one case and chromed in the other.

jeudi, 11 mai 2017 19:05

Soudage laser de disques de coupe

Conception de machines destinées à la fabrication de disques de coupe, le raccord entre le matériau diamanté et le plateau étant effectué par soudage laser.

Recently we have investigated the manufacture of diamond cutting discs in our laser welding laboratory. Discs are used mainly in the construction field, allowing clean and quick cuts in a wide range of materials. They are constructed by a serrated disc, with a hardened outer zone, usually with diamond.

lundi, 20 mars 2017 12:31

Landing automoción

New laser welding machine to be manufactured in Lantec for automotive industry component production.

lundi, 23 janvier 2017 18:30

Landing genérica

jeudi, 25 février 2016 09:50

New Ophir Photonics calorimeter

Lantec 2000 has purchased an OPHIR Photonics calorimeter to verify power output and fiber alignment from the resonator to the optical output.

vendredi, 19 février 2016 13:55

High thickness laser seam welding

In this two 3mm steel parts laser seam welding test, a 4.5mm penetration has been achieved by using 4kw fiber laser and D50 optical fiber. The welding speed is 20mm/sec.

Soudure laser à tube intérieur à bride, rondelle, support et glissière en utilisant un laser à fibre 2Kw et une tête de scanner 2D.

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