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Laser welding machines
Design and manufacture of laser welding systems

Lantec Láser, design and manufacture of special machines for laser welding process.

Your reliable partner to help you dealing with your laser welding projects.

Lantec Laser is a brand of Lantec 2000 specialized in the manufacture of laser beam welding industrial machines and systems

Lantec Laser has more than ten years experience in design and manufacture of special machines under turnkey conditions that incorporate lasers as a part of its process. 



Laser welding systems and projects

These are just some of the laser welding projects we have carried out

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Laser welding station for automotive component

New laser welding machine to be manufactured in Lantec for automotive industry component production.

Written on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 | Published in Blog

Aluminium laser welding for electricity conduction

Tests to define the conditions and parameters of laser welding in aluminum parts for applications where some significant amount of electric current may be required.

The desired welding is due to the characteristics of quality that are listed below.

Written on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 | Published in Blog