Lantec laser welding proyects

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Lantec Laser is a LANTEC2000 brand specialising in the manufacturing of industrial laser welding machines.

A manufacturer of cutting and laser welding machinery, Lantec has more than 10 years of experience in the design and production of laser welding systems and special ‘turnkey’ machinery that incorporates lasers as part of the process.

Laser Welding Machinery

These are some of the laser welding projects that we have completed.

Laser welding of stainless steel

Laser welding of stainless steel filter to an aluminum casing.

Solid shaft laser welded to a sintered cam

With 5mm penetration the solid shaft is welded to a sintered cam. By using 2Kw and an appropriate speed a perfect joint is achieved. It is for a industrial work machine.

Laser seam welding for clutch plates

Laser seam welding for clutch plates. Joint of two plates “sewed” together. The welding is made by shooting through the upper plate and penetrating the lower plate. A CO2 2.5 Kw equipment is convenient for this application.