Testing tools

In this way, we can prove the quality of laser welding and the time taken and we also offer our clients advanced manufacturing of our samples and prototypes that are often requested.

Design experience

The added advantage of take engineering into account for the design of tools, on top of our experience in the conception of the process, makes us a partner you can trust to help you with your projects for the design and manufacturing of laser welding machines and laser welding systems.

Laser welding equipments available for you

esa CNC de 5 ejes con láser ROFIN CO2 de 2500w + cabezal de escáner 2D

CNC table with 5 axis and a ROFIN CO2 2500w laser + 2D scanner head

The CNC table allows you to process pieces 2.000 mm long. Linked to this table we have a SLAB series CO2 laser which can be attached to a conventional head or a cutting or welding head, or a scanner system for remote welding or cutting in a work area of 230 mm x 230 mm and a work distance of 640 mm.

Instalación robotizada con láser de FIBRA ROFIN de 2000w + cabezal de escáner 3D

Robotised instalation with FIBRA ROFIN 2000w laser + 3D scanner head

A Fanuc robot moves a 3D scanner capable of working in an area of 300 mm x 300 mm with a work distance of 300 mm. Behind the scanner system is the latest fibre laser, Rofin 2 Kw, perfect for remote welding use.

Tube cutting table ROFIN CO2 300w laser

Tube cutting machine with automatic loader of tubes up to 6 metres which can cut steel tubes that are up to 2mm thick, joined to a suction system and 4 servo-controlled axis. The SLAB laser technology and the gas injection guarantee precise, clean cuts, free of chips and dust.