Automation process for laser marking of components for the hardware industry

Dienstag, 18. September 2018 | Published in Blog

We are running a new project to automate a laser marking process for one of the most important hand tool maker in Europe.

Project consist on loading and unloading different adjustable wrenches sizes to/from a laser marker, and it is based on a double gripper robot.

marcado laser lantecLaser marking is a ROFIN equipment of 20 w.

Results as seen on the picture: a clearly visible scale marked on the stamped and grinded surface of a stamping steel.

To be underlined the speed " and the quality of the process. Marking takes around 5" to be completed.

Lantec Láser is been active in laser applications, mostly laser welding, over the last ten years, reaching a fine point of experience and knowledge to offer turnkey laser and laser welding cells all over the world.

We also own our specialized workshop able to offer advance manufacturing of sample and prototypes for our customers.

Do you need help to adress your laser welding projects?

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