Laser marking over covered cast steel

Laser marking over covered cast steel

Main target for such test is to mark our customer´s logo with a high quality marking, able to last over the time and using a cycle time lower than 5 secs.

To run the test 20w and 30 w fiber laser equipment has been used, reaching results as shown in the picture.

marcado laser 2In any case result are positive getting good and aesthetic marking, with a high quality marking and using only 4 secs to do the whole marking process.

By going through this test Lantec is able to define the appropriate laser equipment to be integrated on the new assembly line for our customer, one of the most important pliers manufacturer in the world. New assembly line must be running next autumn. It is also positive for our customer who is also able to validate the process and the equipment, 20w , in this case, to be integrated in the definitive assembly station.

Lantec, thanks to its widely experienced workshop to do laser welding protos and samples, we are able to offer previous conclusions for concrete laser welding, cutting or marking projects regarding quality, feasibility, cycle time, etc…as well as advance manufacturing back up with pre series, protos and samples.