New fixture for laser welding of automobile components

New fixture for  laser welding of automobile components

Pneumatic clamping will prevent un expected movements during welding along with the high precision tooling we expect to have the right overall result of the component.

In this case INNER TUBE COLUMN requiring tight tolerances demand precise engineering systems to provide accuracy positioning.

Double deck indexed table will allow to laser weld on one side and load the five components on the other side. 2 Kw Fiber laser mounted and a robot arm will lead a 2D scan system through the different welding positions while the galvo system will be in charge of producing the welding seams.

With the fixture being the core of the process, advance manufacturing of the fixture is giving our customer a plus of tranquility and a quick idea of the machine´s final result. After the first laser shoots and tridimensional control, we are ready to follow with the development of the machine that shall be ready in a few weeks.